Monday, July 27, 2009

Exposure, Flash and ISO

Exposure: My favorite is the 0 Exposure because it captures the shadows, the details, and the mood the best. The -1 Exposure is a little too dark, while the +1 is too washed out.

-1 Exposure:

0 Exposure:

+1 Exposure:

Flash: Interestingly, the picture without the flash came out better lit than the one with the flash, probably because the shutter stayed open longer. The slow-synchro setting created a warmer looking picture than the no-flash did.

No Flash:


Slow Synchro:

ISO: There was a very clear difference between these three pictures, taken in low light indoors. The high ISO is VERY grainy, while the low ISO is quite blurry. The middle was the happy medium but the picture could have benefited from some other techniques to make it perfect (it is still a little grainy and a little blurry). 

ISO 1600:

ISO 400:

ISO 80:

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