Monday, August 10, 2009

Food photography conditions

We talked about how a brighter picture will make a more appealing food picture; this blog has really nice (bright photography):

The next blog uses a slightly different approach, the backgrounds are generally quite dark but the lighting on the food is coming from a flash I believe?

This one is harder to figure out; generally lighter pictures but it definitely looks like indoor lighting:

If we have a chance to talk about how these pictures were made (flash, lens type, etc), that would be great.

Panning and night photos

Walking with Petey (the dog) to downtown Berkeley from evening to night with Emily and Kathleen. First good panning shot of car at night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random pics.

The acrobat

Sunday afternoon

Cable car


before croppingHappy future

fast and furious

On the Way to Alma

My Saturday

The top photo is using the camera's automatic white balance

This second shot is using manual white balance set for incandescent light

The top photo is auto exposure; the second is half a stop down

These shots are all in Oakland Kaiser using Manual Focus; the last is Oakland through the 8th floor windows of the hospital.

And then on Sunday, the farmers market and a nod to my obsession with basketball courts...