Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Pictures

ISO 80 ISO 400
ISO 1600

The pictures of ISO 1600 is quite grainy on screen.
My point and shoot doesn't take sharp pictures I don't why..esp. in low light condition.
My 4MP camera takes even shaper pictures..It has a higher sensor CCD size.which explains the myth that Higher Megapixel >> better..

Exposure 0, -1, +1

The exposure compensation is a neat function. I didn't even bother to change any aperture and shutter speed setting if I'm not interested to shoot lightning speed object or trying to control the depth of field

Flash, 1.6 sec shutter, 5 second shuttle.

Flash is not a good idea. 1.6 second seems to give me the best result. 5 seconds is too much and the picture is overexposed.

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  1. Felix, the iso 80 image looks great. very clean. It looks like your camera doesn't do to terribly well at higher ISO settings. Some cameras are better than others at filtering out noise. I recommend looking into a program that further filters the digital noise. I don't have a recommendation; however, a simple google search for remove digital noise does produce quite a few products.