Friday, August 7, 2009


Sorry I missed you all last week, but I did manage to take tons of pictures at summer camp :)

I like the motion in this one as Sean gets food dumped on his head:

In this one I was trying to keep our guitarist in focus and blur the drummers, although I'm not sure how much my camera will yield to this effect:

I really liked the results I was getting from the spot focus. In this one the girl is singing a song from Wicked about popularity, while our camp "mean girl" watches on.

And here with the evaluative focus:

The girls did the boys' makeup for stage night with hilarious results:

In this picture I was trying to capture our moonlight dancing. Still playing with various low-light settings on my camera:

This one turned out kinda cool, with the camera set to a 5" shutter speed to capture the night:

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